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GAW Miners, LLC is a company that specialized in manufacturing, supplying and selling special hardware for cryptocurrency mining. The company was founded by American entrepreneur Homero Joshua Garza in 2014 and was headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut. The company offered various kinds of mining equipment, such as the GAW Miners Fury — the script for which was based on the ASIC miner that can be used to mine script-based cryptocurrencies — and other accessories for mining. Besides that, the company offered GAW Miners Hashlet for digital cloud mining. GAW Miners sold products both online and through resellers. In 2015, the company was closed down due to the suspicion of being operated as a financial pyramid. In 2016, users of GAW Miners sued the company for fraudulant actions.
El CEO de la extinta GAW Miners, fue condenado a 21 meses de prisión y se le ordenó pagar $9.2 millones en restitución a los inversionistas.
CEO Detrás de GAW Miners, y el esquema Ponzi de PayCoin es sentenciado a 21 meses de prisión
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