Josh Garza News

Homero Joshua Garza or Josh Garza is the founder and CEO of GAW miners — a company that provides mining and cloud mining services — and the founder of its internal token Paycoin. Josh Garza’s Bitcoin involvement started in 2014, when he founded GAW miners. Initially, it seemed to be a successful development project which offered hosting of mining servers services and then cloud mining. In 2015, it was found out that Josh Garza’s company the paid rent for its users from the money of new users. In 2016, there was a big crowdsale of Paycoin, which lost half of its price in two weeks. In 2017, it was found out that GAW miners sold many more contracts than the computer power the company had. The same year, Josh Ganza obtained a $12 million fine for running a Ponzi scheme. Find out more by following our Josh Garza news.