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Komodo (KMD) is a cryptocurrency project aiming to provide more anonymity and security than first-generation cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
The Komodo Platform relies on a technology called Zero Knowledge Proof. ZKP is a method that allows a prover to verify the fact of having some information without revealing anything more than the fact that he does has it. This technology allows KMD transactions to be 100% private. To improve security, Komodo uses a Delayed-Proof-of-Work consensus protocol which is similar to the standard Proof-of-Work but adds a notarization mechanism that ensures the integrity of a new block.
Komodo has also established such services as BarterDex (a decentralized exchange) and a cryptocurrency anonymizer called Jumbrl. With all these features, Komodo has become more of an ecosystem and a development platform than just a cryptocurrency with private transactions.

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