Microtransactions News

Microtransactions’ definition is a modern business model that offers the purchasing of virtual goods with very small sums of money. Microtransactions provide revenue for the developers of most free-to-play games on mobile, PC and console gaming. Microtransactions in video games are often divided between those that give the gamers an in-game advantage and those that only improve the gaming experience with visual, audio and other types of aestetic content. Microtransaction-based games can involve different forms of microtransactions. They can be performed for direct purchase of a particular item or with the involvement of gambling — a similar system to a ‘loot box.’ The type of microtransaction, along with their implementation, strongly influences the community’s opinion and comments on the game. However, technically, the term isn’t correct anymore, as some games offer items that are worth transactions unsuitable for the prefix “micro.”